At Crispy Div, we’re all about clean, efficient web development. That’s why we’ve developed our own WordPress starter theme that makes it easy for you to create stunning custom websites without having to start from scratch.

Our theme is built on the classic foundation, but with several enhancements and additions to make your life easier. In this post, we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of our WordPress Starter Theme and its features.

Development Setup

WordPress Starter Theme relies on Node.js and Grunt to manage dependencies, compile Sass, minify CSS and JS, and update the .pot file. To get started with the theme, follow these steps:

  1. Install Node.js on your machine if you haven’t already.
  2. Install and activate the theme in WordPress.
  3. Perform a search and replace for wst (lowercase) and WST (uppercase) to replace with your own theme slug and prefix.
  4. Run npm install in the theme root directory to install dependencies.
  5. Run grunt watch to automatically compile Sass, minify CSS and JS while working on the theme styles and scripts.
  6. Run grunt pot to update the .pot file.

Design Features

WordPress Starter Theme comes with plenty of useful design features, including:

  • Bootstrap (CSS) utilities, grid, and reboot integration
  • Wide, Narrow, and Page Sections page templates
  • Customizable page headers
  • Desktop and mobile menus with drop-down and expandable sub-menu support
  • Centered blog post layout for easy reading
  • Condensed search results page layout
  • Color scheme options in the Customizer, available for use in the Block Editor

Styles, Scripts, and HTML Structure

WordPress Starter Theme makes it easy to work with styles and scripts by using grunt watch to automatically compile Sass, minify CSS and JS while you’re working on your theme’s styles and scripts.

The theme uses the Bootstrap Grid system for layouts, along with its own .inner class for vertical structure. This system allows you to create custom theme templates or use the same structure in the block editor with the Page Sections template.

Block Editor (Gutenberg) Page Sections

WordPress Starter Theme supports the creation of custom full-width page sections in the Block Editor by using top-level Group blocks in the Page Sections template.

This allows you to create custom pages using native WordPress functionality directly in the block editor to do what would normally be achieved by editing template files. The combination of both abilities gives you ultimate flexibility.

Page Headers

WordPress Starter Theme includes a customizable page header template part that can be used in any template file. This dynamic page header can be customized to add unique page header content for different pages on your website.

Customizer Options

You can easily change the general color scheme of your website through the Customizer. Once you set the body text, subdued body text, light background, dark background, and action colors in the Customizer, these colors will be available for use in the Block Editor.

Fat Footer

The theme includes a fat footer template part that can be used in any template file. It provides a more robust footer at the bottom of the page and only displays columns whose widget areas have widgets in them.

Advanced Custom Fields Integration

The theme is ready for use with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin, allowing you to create custom fields for additional customization options. The theme includes a few custom fields out of the box pertaining to the page header functionality.

You are free to use either the free version of ACF or the Pro version.


Issue Reporting and Support

If you encounter any issues with the WordPress Starter Theme, you can open an issue on the GitHub repository. Be sure to include as much information as possible, such as your WordPress and PHP versions, browser version, steps to reproduce the issue, and any relevant screenshots or error messages.


WordPress Starter Theme is a versatile and feature-rich starting point for developers looking to create a customized WordPress website. With its extensive features and customization options, you can quickly build a unique and functional site tailored to your needs. Be sure to visit the GitHub repository for more information and to download the theme for your project.

At Crispy Div, we’re always here to help you with custom WordPress development, including plugin integration, theme development, and plugin development. If you need assistance with your WordPress project or have any questions about our services, feel free to contact us.

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