Brand Colors

Please use these colors responsibly to ensure a cohesive look and feel. If you'd like to keep it simple, our two primary colors are purple (#341671) and orange (#f54952).


Logos & Logomark

Try to keep contrast in mind when implementing the logo so that the text is legible. Also be sure to give the logo room to breathe. Do not allow it to touch or overlap any other elements (subtle background design elements are okay).

Crispy Div Logo - White
Crispy Div Logomark
Crispy Div Logo - Color
Crispy Div Logomark

Typography & Text

You have no obligation to use our preferred font when referencing our brand. If you choose to do so, we use Montserrat for headings (font weights 700 and 800) and Raleway for body text. Our Brand name is Crispy Div. That's capital C and D with a space between the two words.

CrispyDiv Incorrect
crispydiv Incorrect
crispy div Incorrect
Crispy Div Correct


Logo and logomark variations can be downloaded in a single .zip file.